Our Rating System

At Cigar Duck, we use the Anas Platyrhynchos rating system for the overall quality of the cigar. This rating is given a score from zero to five ducks. Five being an excellent cigar with little to no flaws and zero being a cigar which is not worth lighting for kindling, for fear of actually having to smell it.

Our strength or profile monitor uses the more simplistic Anatidae system, which is showcased by the typical five spot indicated progressing from yellow to red. Our spots are represented by a simplistic outline of a water bird, with a green arrow marking its strength or profile.

We provide all the basic information about each particular cigar, how it is perceived by others and what we think about it. Our reviews are precise and to the point. We give you enough information so you can respond intelligently to those pretentious snobs who always seem to be around cigars.