Camacho Corojo Maduro

4 Ducks – A Very Good Cigar!
Medium-Full Strength

Camacho Corojo Maduro

What the pros say: Leaf says, “…this cigar was great, beginning to end… This was a full-bodied smoke and not for beginners, but it did not trade flavor for strength and was one of the best full-bodied cigars I’ve had in a long time.”

  • Shape: Robusto
  • Size (length x ring gauge):  5” x 50
  • Country:  Honduras
  • Wrapper Leaf:  Honduras Corojo
  • Wrapper Color: Dark Brown
  • Filler:  Honduras
  • Binder:  Honduras Corojo Ligero

Flavors Touted: Smooth, spicy, and sweet

Bottom Line: An very good medium-full body strength cigar enjoyed by those who prefer complexity. This is a cigar with nuances that will require multiple samplings to fully comprehend.

Brief Summary: A former supervisor of mine was a big cigar smoker, and he was always good for a cigar or two when we got together. He is a big Camacho fan, so I’ve had quite a few Camacho’s in the past. I am looking forward to a more formal evaluation of the line, but they were always a reliable smoke, and I enjoyed everyone that I’ve tried in the past.
    Today I am smoking the Camacho Corojo Maduro Robusto. It is a nice-looking cigar with a heavy red band which envelopes a lovely dark, oily cigar. The wrapper is a little rough looking, and the combination makes it a unique and attractive cigar. The scent is of a clean barnyard, earth, and perhaps a little bit of mushroom scent. It is a deep and luxurious scent. Very pleasant. The cigar was firm with just a bit of sponginess.   
    Utilizing the trusty combo of my Xikar cutter along with my inexpensive Vertigo three flame torch, I prep the cigar for smoking. The light was even. The initial taste is of earth and leather, and it was very smooth.   
    About a half-inch into the cigar, I’m starting to get a lot of pepper and spice notes, and it has increased in strength. While I taste the bite of the pepper and spice on the back of my tongue, the flavors are not overpowering. There are also flavors of earth and cedar, as well as a bit of sweetness in the background. It is a complex cigar with lots of nuances and flavors lurking, which will require many samplings to enjoy what this cigar offers fully.
    I sampled two of the Camacho Corojo for this review. The first one had some burn issues and tunneled a bit at the end of the first third of the smoke. Tunneling is when the filler burns quicker than the wrapper, leaving it intact. Since much of the flavor of the cigar is traditionally in the wrapper, some flavorings will not combine properly. After touching up the cigar with my torch, I was able to have the burn catch up with itself. I did not have any issues with the second cigar. The pepper and spice were more mellow with the second cigar, and I attribute this to the even burn.
    The second third of the continued with the smooth, yet complex and relatively powerful smoke. The draw continued to be excellent. I detect subtle notes of cocoa, earth, and cedar.      
    The last third of the cigar is very smooth. The pepper and the spice notes have decreased considerably; the burn continued to be even, and at this point, it’s still a strong cigar. As a very smooth smoke, I am not ranking this as a full-strength cigar, but medium-full.
    Don’t miss the boat on this one as Ping did. If you are a fan of full strength, complex and smooth cigars, this is a must-have.

Camacho Corojo Maduro from Camacho Cigars

About Camacho Cigars:  Founded in 1962 by Simon Camacho in Miami, Florida after being exiled from Cuba, Camacho quickly became known for high-quality cigars made from Cuban seed tobacco from Nicaragua. The Miami cigar factory was the first in that city. The company grew continuously under Camacho’s guidance until his death in 1990. Five years later, the Eiroa family purchased the rights and moved the growing operations to Honduras. In 1998, 26-year-old Christian Eiroa became president of the company, utilizing his experience from working his family’s plantations in Honduras and his business education. 2008 saw the sale of Camacho to Davidoff, with the Eiroas family still providing the tobacco from their Honduran farms.

Price: $38.99 for a Robusto 5 pack ($7.80 per cigar)

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